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WELCOME  ! We have an excellent selection of all of the various resale timeshare villas,in Virginia. You will find excellent opportunities with prices a fraction of the cost. Select Villas come with some trading options and points.  ALL are DEEDED ownerships, transactions are handled by local attorney with title search and verification from resort association that all fees are current - total cost $325.00 closings can be handled via mail.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Featured Listing

Summit Peak and Grenoble Woods

Available Unit: Unit 4 bedroom Red Floating lockout annual use ,Luxury

Bedrooms: 4.0

Baths: 4.0

Availability: Red , Week # Floating , 4 bedroom Summit lockout red floating annual use

Unit Price: $2,995.00 - plus maintenance fee of $735.00/yr

Unit Points: n/a

"More Info     GOLD CROWN 4 bedroom Lockout Stle Prime red floating choose any week each uear! New Years one year, 4th of July the next , fall foliage, Maybe Thanksgiving  , this 4 bdroom can hold the family and extended! or use half ( 2 bedroom ) and rent or exchange the other 1/2 thru RCI to over 4000 resorts world wide  or $139 internal exchange for another week in Massanutten 

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